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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be taking supplements?

The right supplements restore your body's natural ability to maintain optimum health. Taking supplements such as nutrients, medicinal herbs, and hormones is part of an integrative approach to health care. Most of us do not have a perfectly balanced diet, and taking supplements ensures that we avoid deficiencies which weaken the body’s ability to defend, repair, and revitalize our organs, tissues, and cells.

While a balanced diet, which incorporates a variety of nutrient-dense foods, ideally provides all the essential nutrients needed to support body functions and health, there are many factors that may affect individual nutrient status and supplementation needs. 

These factors, which are related to food and diet quality as well as the health status of each individual, include:

  • Decreased nutrient levels in foods due to modern agriculture
  • Impaired digestion and absorption
  • Increased requirements during certain periods (e.g., adolescence, pregnancy, lactation)
  • Low dietary intake and/or poor quality diet
  • Nutrient depletions associated with medications (e.g., oral contraceptives, proton pump inhibitors, statins)
  • Nutrient loss occurring as a result of aging or critical illness


What are the benefits of dietary supplements?

Scientific evidence demonstrates the health benefits of dietary supplements in a variety of chronic and acute health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, type 2 diabetes, and upper respiratory infections. Dietary supplements may be recommended for various reasons based on an individual’s needs, such as to ensure an adequate intake of nutrients, promote optimal health and performance, or achieve a desired health outcome. Research indicates that just by taking a high quality multivitamin that includes additional components, such as amino acids, probiotics, herbs, and phytonutrients, supports your health in numerous ways, including preventing nutrient deficiencies, reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, and promoting healthy cognitive function.

Dietary supplements are not as strictly regulated as pharmaceutical medications, and many supplements lack transparency regarding purity, quality, and safety. This also means that two different brands with the same ingredients and dosage on the label will vary in their effectiveness. With so many supplement brands on store shelves, it can be very challenging and confusing to choose which ones are the best quality. Your healthcare practitioner may be able to help you choose the best options.


Which supplements should I take and how much?

Whether you have a chronic health condition, nagging symptoms, or you’re simply looking to maintain optimal health, your healthcare practitioner can help you choose the best supplements and dosages for your health needs. Depending on the complexity of your condition, your practitioner may suggest specific combinations and dosages of supplements and will closely monitor your progress to ensure the supplements are adequately addressing your individual health imbalances. Consult your healthcare practitioner to determine the best supplements and lifestyle modifications for your desired health outcomes.