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Blood Work

Reyes and Reyes, MD, PA

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Blood work can be useful in diagnosing health problems and managing various conditions. As a board-certified internist, Dr. Rene Reyes offers blood work to all patients in Hollywood, Florida. Patients can learn more about blood work by contacting Reyes and Reyes, MD, PA, to make an appointment.

Blood Work Q & A

What is the purpose of blood work?

The purpose of blood work is to check the levels of certain components in the blood that are associated with disease or general health. Tests may check levels of:

  • Hormones
  • Antibodies
  • Chemicals
  • Blood components, such as white blood cells

The results of blood tests can rule out certain conditions or make others more likely. Dr. Reyes can also use blood work to evaluate your overall health.

When does Dr. Reyes order blood work?

Dr. Reyes may order blood work to:

  • Diagnose or rule out illnesses
  • Evaluate your health after an annual exam
  • Check the effectiveness of medication
  • Evaluate the function of specific organs, such as the kidney or liver

When Dr. Reyes orders blood work, he’ll inform you of the test’s purpose. He’ll also let you know whether any special preparation is required, such as fasting.

What should I expect during blood work?

During blood work, a phlebotomist will take samples of your blood by inserting a small needle into a vein. Before inserting the needle, the phlebotomist may place a tourniquet on the upper part of your arm and ask you to make a fist. When the needle is inserted, you’ll feel a small pinch.

The amount of blood required for blood work varies based on the number of tests ordered and the type of test.

When will the results be available?

Reyes and Reyes, MD, PA, offers a quick turnaround on blood work for the convenience of their patients. You can expect to receive your results in no more than three business days. After the results become available, Dr. Reyes will explain them to you.

What if blood work results are abnormal?

Abnormal blood work doesn’t always mean that you have a serious illness or condition. In some cases, blood work may be abnormal for other reasons, such as a problem with the test or your medication. If blood work comes back abnormal, Dr. Reyes will explain the result and tell you whether any further testing is needed.